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Why Pick Fontaine Landscaping?

Why Pick Fontaine Landscaping?

Our customers pick us because, simply put, we offer the best total value for your property investment - we are all about quality and service!

Our process:

Fontaine is here to help you achieve success with your outdoor goals! Regardless of the project size, every project we approach is done systematically, thoughtfully and thoroughly. The interplay of function, design, quality and cost are evident in the systems we are able to provide.

More than our time tested procedure, we focus on only one job at a time, and do not move on to the next project until you are satisfied and the job is complete.

No company… no process… is more dedicated to complete customer satisfaction than the Fontaine team.

A Fontaine associate will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your installation or maintenance needs. Our purpose is simple, we listen to what you want and what you need and we offer suggestions for the best ways to achieve that. We want to know your short term and long term goals. Do you need to redo the lawn?, What is the drainage like?, Do we need to create privacy with plantings or create a soothing area of retreat with a water feature?

Once we understand your needs, we will make recommendations on how it can be accomplished.

Our recommendations are to help you achieve your desires in the best possible way…. all tailored to optimize the beauty, value and character of your property.

Budget is also critical to determine for any project, and we have flexibility in our offerings as well as several payment options. Our maintenance services cater to the budget conscious as you can pick and choose from our services and create a custom plan that is just right for you.

For installations requiring a design, we can evaluate the design and make sure all of your desires fit within your budget, and explain how material choices affect costs, etc. We might also explore the various options, including “phasing” your project, depending on your budget.

A Fontaine representative will carefully measure and calculate your project and use this data to compile accurate and competitive pricing. A formal and detailed quote is then presented to you with references pertaining to your project. At that point, we can fine tune the details… discuss the quality and prices of certain materials…and put the finishing touches on your project or maintenance plan.

Once the quote is approved, we will coordinate a start date. At that point we introduce the foreman and work crew to you and your property.

For installations, the grading, irrigation, drainage and hardscaping come first, then plantings, lawn, lighting and mulch. When it’s time for the greenery, if you share our love of plants, you are welcome to accompany us to the nursery to view and make selections. Either way, there is great satisfaction in knowing that your property will be treated as if it was our own.

There are great benefits to having a ONE-SOURCE provider on your project.

There are no middle-men or hierarchies to hurdle. You have direct access to the principals and the decision makers. This helps ensure the original vision is fulfilled as it was planned.

In effect, Fontaine changes the landscaping process from one that can be stressful and frustrating into one that is carefree and exciting and rewarding.

Our best total value includes features such as:

  • Customizable maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs - you don’t pay for services you don’t need or want.
  • Design and Installation services provided by professionals who listen to you. Our expertise and experience combined with your imagination and our vision will produce an outdoor living space that will provide perennial satisfaction.
  • We guarantee our work with the Fontaine Promise : we don’t get paid until you are completely satisfied.