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Outdoor Lighting
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Outdoor Lighting Raleigh NC

Affordable Elegance for Your Home Outdoor Lighting

Nothing can set the stage quite like a well-designed outdoor lighting system.
From a building demand we received, we created a dedicated lighting company; Bolt Outdoor Lighting Pros LLC.
We manufacture our own line of quality fixtures to be able to bring a more affordable offering now to the public. We boast a new system technology which provides the most efficient led systems available in North America. We follow through our installations with a seamless maintenance plan and offer the best warranty in the business!

Bolt Outdoor is a team of lighting geeks that love what we do! Elegant outdoor lighting begins with a creative eye for setting up scenes and following through with craftmanship installation for a bulletproof system.

Bolt Outdoor services the Triangle area markets all the way to the NC coastline. We proudly service homeowners, builders, and contractors. We offer a wide variety of energy efficient outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers and led lamps to handle virtually any lighting need.

Bolt Outdoor is a full service company offering lighting design, installation, repair and maintenance.

Elegant Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Nothing can set the stage quite like a well-designed outdoor lighting system. Our led systems will set your home apart, creating a resort feel while capturing its beauty. The lighting we install can be subtle to extreme, bringing a safer environment with a warm glow your plants and gardens will love. We offer high quality licensed landscape lighting design, installation, repair and maintenance.

Elegant outdoor lighting starts with a creative design professional. Fontaine is a comprehensive lighting designer and installer of high-end architectural and landscape lighting systems for the Triangle area market to NC coastline communities. We proudly service homeowners, builders, and contractors. We offer a wide variety of energy efficient outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers and led lamps to handle virtually any lighting need.

At Fontaine, we are professionals and are experts in creating, installing and enhancing outdoor living.



Site Visit
We meet to discuss your property, goals and vision. We will lend our creativity and expertise, recommending elements we feel should be highlighted. Every job is custom, so we will show you our fixtures best suited to do the job and why our systems are the best. We discuss your budget in order to produce a realistic quote. All of our systems are expandable, so we don’t have to start out with an elaborate system.


From our meeting, we take the measurements and site notes to accurately calculate costs and type up a detailed quote for you, sending via email along with references.
For a fee, clients may also choose to have us create a lighting design. We also offer 3D video design for a virtual walkthrough of the lighting project in order to gain more insight on how it will turn out.


Following the quote approval, the outdoor lighting installation process takes place. Most times you do not need to be home. We take care as to not disturb pets and plants, and you will see there is little aggravation to existing landscaping. Installation time depends on the size and scope of the project; small projects can take only a day or two, while more involved projects are longer. Time to shine as we demonstrate and unveil your new system!


After completion, we go over your new system, its special features, warranty and what maintenance you should expect.
We provide you with our optional quality assurance maintenance plan which provides periodic care to keep your lighting working as intended. This involves lens cleaning, moving fixtures from growing plants, adjusting beams and bulb replacement.

Our Materials

  • We are proud to offer our own product line ‘BOLT OUTDOOR LIGHTING’. Years of lighting experience in the field knowledge showed up issues from time to time, which inspired us to seek out an industry manufacturer whom could take our vision to make a custom quality product to meet the demanding needs of us and our clients. We use only the finest quality fixtures, connections, wire and transformers.

  • We offer renovation, upgrades and new 12 volt LED Low Voltage landscape lighting systems. LED lamps provide the warm glow we all love and use a lot less energy than the old foregone halogen systems. More fixtures on a transformer are available saving energy consumption in the long run.

  • On/off controls for your system could be as simple as a photocell, astrological timer to even Bluetooth automation controls. We can provide specialty lighting with its own switches great for on/off needs at the BBQ, basketball goal or moonlighting scene.

  • We prefer to use stainless steel multi-tap transformers in our systems. They provide accurate adjustment capabilities to allow proper voltage output in long runs. With this transformer and our wiring methods, providing proper voltage to the lamps is guaranteed.

Maintenance Services

We will come out to your property once to twice a year. Once during the Spring and once during the Fall at our discretion unless Client calls for an advance appointment.

Service Includes:

  • Replacement of every lamp each cycle. Lamps vary from 2-5 years.
  • Cleaning lenses, repairing, straightening and adjusting fixtures.
  • Replacing inoperable Control Module, timers and photocells.
  • Making minor adjustments of fixtures.
  • Resetting time clocks.
  • Trimming and minor pruning around fixtures.
  • Verifying transformer operation to original settings to insure system integrity.
  • In the event of a cut wire we will repair with a water tight connection.

LED Upgrade

Already have a lighting system? Great, we can diagnose its integrity and ways to optimize and improve it with potential upgrades such as new wire, timer, fixtures and new led lamps. Note some older fixtures you may have do not always accept or have the room required for a new led bulb. We will provide you with a free analysis and written quote.

Fontaine is a full-service landscaping company that has the experience, expertise and the resources to provide solutions that work perfectly for you. While we maintain high-quality standards in our work, you will find that we maintain very competitive landscaping cost. To discuss your project details with one of our lighting experts, call us at (919) 380-8286. You also have the option to send us your project details via this Contact Us form and we will respond shortly.