Best of Houzz 2019 Service

More blooms in our bouquet of services!

Fontaine Landscaping truly serves all of your outdoor living needs; some of the specialized services that we offer include:

    • Design: Our Creative design team works closely with each client to develop a unique and professional plan in both 2D and 3D walkthrough animation. You will find our process to be informative, exciting and results driven that will exceed your expectations! Our years of field experience allow us to balance the beauty and creativity with the functionality and sustainability- so the installation and ongoing maintenance costs can be moderated.
    • Low Volt Lighting: we design and install a unique and functional landscape lighting package customized to meet your property & lifestyle needs.  Landscape lighting is carefully planned to create moods, highlight planting structures, and provide added safety. We install LED systems and convert your old halogen systems into LED. For conversions, we offer a fixture Buy-Back with any complete LED system. Many styles, finishes available to meet most budgets.
    • Cleanups: call on Fontaine for your 'Make-Over' to maintain or repair your landscaping.  Fontaine can help you reclaim your yard from over grown plants and weeds with pruning, fresh mulches.  Call on us to do your dirty work to get you on the path to positive curb appeal.
    • Mulch: Gardens thrive with a consistent layer of mulch, which both keeps moisture in and prevent weed growth.  Call on us to install the mulch of your liking.
    • Storm and Snow Removal: Fontaine offers effective emergency service before and after a storm.  We have what it takes to prepare a site before a storm hits as well as efficiently and safely clean up debris, snow, and ice in its aftermath.

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